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Who Controls Your Data?

We’ve seen what happens when we centralize our data with third parties whose interests conflict with our own. Venture-backed corporations can monetize our movement, adjust their opaque algorithms to hide our content, or cut us off from our supporters entirely.

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With Open Source: You Do

Our technology should reflect our values, and our tools should belong to our movement. Open source tools allow activists to control where their data is stored, how much they pay, and how new features should be developed.

Our tools should be owned by our movement

Try Our Open Tools

We are building new open source tools for activism that put you back in control of your technnology. Check out our initial offerings, and let us know what else you want to build together.


We are looking for developers, designers, user experience advocates, and allied organizations and campaigns to build open tools that push the field forward and are available to all. Get in touch to discuss how open source can put your organization in control of your technical future.

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