Call Power

Flexible and Powerful

Phone calls are powerful modes of civic engagement, and CallPower makes it easy for your members to make change.

Ready for any campaign

Call Power has placed hundreds of thousands to calls to Congress, the White House, the FCC, and other decision-makers. Now you can use this power to win campaigns at any scale.

We can automatically connect callers to their US Senators, Representatives, Governor, and state legislators or Canadian Members of Parliament. With custom data imports you can enter local government or corporate contact numbers and send phone calls to targets that may not be used to receiving public feedback.

Advanced features

  • Segment callers by geography, routing by zipcode or district
  • Order targets sequentially or randomly, with specific targets before or after a user's own representatives
  • Add any phone number for custom targets (eg: city council, public prosecutors, corporate boards)
  • Scheduled calls to remind your members to contact their representatives every day, multiplying their impact
  • Easy integration with any database, just a short snippet of code on your action page
  • Powerful statistics and call logs to dive into your campaigns and chart their effectiveness
  • Contact us to hook up data sources for international campaigns