Call Power

Supported Hosting Plans

Let us take care of the server updates and scaling. Each organization's instance is separate, and you retain full control over your data. Your support ensures that you are first to get new features, and you can call us and ask a question at any time. Choose your monthly plan based on the estimated number of calls your activists will make.

Plan Calls Included Monthly Fee Additional Calls Support
Mini 1,000 $250 $0.25 1 hour, email
Small 5,000 $750 $0.15 2 hours, email
Medium 10,000 $1,000 $0.10 2 hours, phone
Large 25,000 $2,000 $0.08 4 hours, phone
Huge 50,000 $3,000 $0.06 8 hours, phone
Gigantic 100,000 $5,000 $0.05 in person, as needed
Last updated: August 2017


  • Calls are measured as unique completed caller to target connections. Busy signals, early termination and failed calls will not count. Calls from one caller to multiple targets in a single session are treated as distinct. This is a soft limit, and additional calls will be charged at the listed rate.
  • Support emails and calls will be answered within one business day. We will monitor the application servers proactively and respond as soon as possible to issues. In the event of major service outage, we will provide a pro-rated reimbursement for the period of disruption.
  • A setup fee equivalent to one monthly bill is required to begin service.
  • Plan changes may occur between billing months, and will incur the difference in plan setup fees.
  • Rates valid for calls to/from local numbers inside the continental United States. Inquire for toll-free, international or Alaska rates.